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What are the precautions for cleaning polyethylene plate?

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When the color produced by the polyethylene board is not at the same time to learn to analyze its cause, the polyethylene board is generally milky white, but on the pure white base plate, sometimes there are other colors, which is not the main performance of the product quality is not good, but the production of raw materials is not clean. Or it is caused by the addition of different raw materials in the manufacturing process.

The reason that the raw materials of polyethylene plate are not clean is that the raw materials are polluted by the environment, and the other is that the moisture content in the raw materials is high, or the proportion of volatile chemicals is high.


Polyethylene plate is a high polymer with a very low viscosity, powder shape, and its typical particle size range is 100-200μm. Polyethylene plate because of the high viscosity, it usually can not be produced by the usual thermoplastic forming method, but is the use of molding or plunger pump extrusion processing process, under ultra-high pressure to melt the polyethylene plate particles and calcined into billet or aluminum profiles, if necessary, and then carry out the following mechanical processing.

Polyethylene plate can also modify material additives, the material's corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance make it in the mechanical manufacturing with polyethylene plate point, the selection of polyethylene plate products instead of metal materials made of acid-resistant pumps, transmission system mechanical equipment, centrifugal pumps, couplings, sealing gasket plate, transmission gear, not only greatly increase the service life, and greatly reduce the cost.

The cleaning method of the polyethylene plate, the cleaning of the carbide cutter is much easier for the extruder, the storage type of the hollow injection molding facility and the hard cleaning. Because the structure of the extruder is simple, the engine structure of the hollow blow molding equipment is complicated, and the machine and equipment are used for too long, it will be more difficult to clean up. Polyethylene plate in such cases, disassembly and cleaning is urgent. After the top of the head is sufficiently high temperature, standby, delete all the mounting head. Plastic melted copper head cleaning, polyethylene plate carbide cutting tools with steel balls to eliminate damage, followed by grinding with emery cloth or flower leaves to clean parts and components.

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