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What are the characteristics of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate?

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The outstanding characteristics of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board is the key to its widespread use, in fact, many customers will be more curious, why so simple plastic has such excellent characteristics, below me to give you simple details of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board has such excellent characteristics of the reason.

Very high relative molecular weight high-pressure polyethylene raw materials because of its high melting viscosity, even when heated to its crystalline melting point, it is not liquid, and this imfluidity is due to the high aspect ratio entanglement of its long single molecular structure chain.

Simply speaking, it is like a pile of fine twine, low relative molecular weight high pressure polyethylene and high pressure polyethylene wax are like a 10,000 meter long fine twine pile wrapped together, very easy to separate; General high pressure polyethylene goods are like a thousand ten meters of fine twine wrapped together, not very easy to separate, but with a little time or can separate them.

And extremely high relative molecular mass of high-pressure polyethylene like a hundred meters of fine twine tangled together, even under a very long time is difficult to separate them. It is precisely because of this that ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plates and their extremely high relative molecular weight high-pressure polyethylene products have many faster characteristics.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate highlights outstanding features:

1, the wear resistance in a variety of pure plastics, and with the expansion of relative molecular weight and improve; UHMWPE is very easy to cause adhesive wear when matched with steel and copper, and the damage to the other half is small. The service life is higher than that of steel, and the wear resistance is 3 to 7 times that of carbon steel and stainless steel.

2, the self-wettability is very good, the rolling friction index is low in the plastic, and it can work in a rolling or rotating way without wetting, and its wettability is better than that of steel and copper in the condition of grease!

3, with strong digestion and absorption impact performance and friction noise characteristics, there is a small friction noise potential;

4, the impact compressive strength of plastic, is the current type of plastic more impact resistance, the impact compressive strength at room temperature can be matched with polycarbonate PC, and ultra-low temperature impact compressive strength is even better than polycarbonate PC; Its impact compressive strength is 8 times that of ABS, 10 times that of PA66, 22 times that of POM, and 25 times that of PBT!

5, fatigue resistance is very good, fatigue limit of more than 500,000 times;

6, the relative molecular weight is very large, but the unsaturated bond is very small, so it has a quality of solvent corrosion resistance, can resist a variety of corrosive substances, such as: acid, alkali, salt, but also can resist a variety of organic solutions;

7, the characteristics of natural environment stress cracking is very good, is 200 times that of general butadiene, and the stress cracking resistance time reaches 4000 hours; And the heat stress relaxation is also very good; UHMWPE also has good resistance to radiation hazards.

8, the super temperature resistance is not high, the thermal deformation temperature HDT is 90℃, the application temperature is 100~110℃; Cold resistance characteristics are very good, can be as low as -169 ° C, is a good type of cold resistance plastic, and ultra-low temperature destruction is very good;

9, good electrical equipment characteristics, good electrical dielectric strength and anti-static property, surface resistivity > 1015ω.cm, volume resistivity of 90kV/mm, relative dielectric constant 2.3;

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