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PE board The characteristics of polyethylene board

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PE board has excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals. Certain types of chemicals can cause chemical corrosion, such as corrosive oxidants (concentrated nitric acid), aromatic hydrocarbons (xylene) and halogenated hydrocarbons (carbon tetrachloride). The polymer is non-hygroscopic and has good vapor resistance, which can be used for packaging purposes. HDPE has good electrical properties, especially the high dielectric strength of the insulation, making it suitable for wire and cable. Medium to high molecular weight grades have excellent impact resistance at room temperature and even at low temperatures of -40F. The unique characteristic of various grades of HDPE is the proper combination of four basic variables: density, molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and additives. Different catalysts are used to produce custom polymers with special properties. These variables are combined to produce HDPE grades for different uses; Achieve the best balance of performance. It has good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of most acids, alkali, organic solutions and hot water. Good electrical insulation.


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