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How to identify the quality of polyethylene plate? How to buy polyethylene board?

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Polyethylene plate selection of skilled hot vulcanized rubber processing technology, with plastic on alumina ceramic plate or embedded or spherical wear-resistant ceramic block to carry out vulcanized rubber, porcelain - plastic polyethylene plate. The polyethylene plate combines the high toughness of porcelain with the high cache and fatigue relief characteristics of vulcanized rubber.

Polyethylene plate can be a good solution to the wear resistance of the machine equipment in the transport of bulk raw materials. The addition of polyethylene board can not only make the sandwich board have better anti-wear and anti-corrosion effects, but also avoid the production and manufacturing shutdown caused by the accumulation and blockage of raw materials, and the polyethylene board can reasonably reduce noise.


Polyethylene plate is a double-layer structure, mainly used for easy assembly parts and circular arc parts, such as conical Brinell funnel, belt conveyor roller and so on. The polyethylene plate is joined by a unique plastic adhesive, which is then bonded to the stainless steel plate of the facility with a high toughness adhesive to create a solid buffer wear resistant layer.

Polyethylene plate refers to the porcelain - plastic - steel sandwich board, which is a three-layer structure. The polyethylene plate contains anchor bolts for easy installation. It is mainly used to maintain the feed points of wide slots, opening pipes and block surface layers.

Polyethylene plate appearance inspection:

1, check the flatness of the polyethylene plate, whether there is significant deformation, with a steel tape measure to determine its shape and diagonal;

2, check the appearance of the polyethylene plate, whether there is a lack of corners, cracks and the surface is the same color;

3, check the adhesion between polyethylene plate and thick steel plate. Pull the rubber pad onto the thick steel plate to see if there are problems with swollen edges and unbonded sturdiness;

4, check the polyethylene plate installed on the back of the thick steel plate four anchor bolts, electric welding welding is not strong and its specifications are not appropriate.

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