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What factors affect the price of chain rails?

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What factors affect the price of chain rails?

As an industrial equipment, the excellent performance characteristics of the chain guide can not be replaced, and stands out in the conveyor equipment, its application can greatly reduce the friction between the conveyor belt and the frame, and extend the service life of the conveyor belt. So what factors affect the price of the chain guide?

First, different brands will affect the price of this product. If it is a product with a relatively high brand reputation, then the price will be relatively high, and if it is a product with no brand reputation, then the price will be lower. The main thing is the recognition of the brand and the effect of the brand. Generally speaking, a reliable brand can bring us better after-sales service and quality assurance. I think this kind of high price is more worthwhile.



Second, the purchase way is not the same price will be different. If we take the method of buying directly from the manufacturer in large quantities, then the price will have a great discount, because it is equivalent to us establishing a long-term cooperation relationship with them, so it can save us a lot of money. But if we do retail in a specialty store, then it will be more expensive. Then we should combine our purchase method to comprehensively consider what the sales price is.

Third, there will be a big difference in the price of different raw materials used. If the product is used in the production of relatively high-quality metal materials, then the price will be higher, because after all, the cost of production will be increased, but if we choose the more common alloy material when buying the product, then the price will be reduced, which is a cost-effective choice.

Because the material has excellent adhesion and wear resistance, the chain guide can provide a long-term protective layer for the parts. It only takes a few hours to repair the scratched part of the chain guide rail and put it into use, which is simpler to operate than the traditional method and requires lower cost. Products are widely used in food packaging machinery, automatic labeling production line, printing machinery, textile machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, engineering machinery, electronic equipment, PCB equipment, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, all kinds of non-standard production lines.

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