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Precautions in transportation and storage of polyethylene sheet

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Polyethylene sheet has now gradually been widely used, for the installation of polyethylene sheet or transportation, storage work need to pay attention to certain matters, because this directly affects the performance of polyethylene sheet, so today for you to detail the Xiguan polyethylene sheet in transportation and storage should pay attention to matters:

1. The storage period of polyethylene sheet shall not exceed two years from the date of production.

2, polyethylene sheet should be stored in a suitable temperature, dry and clean indoor or simple warehouse, storage products should not be less than lm from the heat source.

The matters that should be paid attention to in the transportation and storage of polyethylene sheet are temporarily introduced here, in order to smoothly carry out its use, it is also hoped that through the introduction of the above knowledge, the application of the majority of users can play some corresponding help.

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