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The specific application of polyethylene plate in real life, how to fix polyethylene plate?

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Home for polyethylene plate is no stranger! In many industrial production is the choice of polyethylene board, polyethylene board application in:

1. Proficiency in fixing polyethylene plate on concrete structure:

In the assembly of storage tanks and silos of polyethylene slab concrete structures, the city square is the tensile strength of the old storage tanks or silos, the stiffness of the concrete structure is calculated, and the thickness of the cement concrete is immediately related to the fastness of the structure to the installation of wear-resistant lining plates. Select appropriate tightening materials for polyethylene plate according to the stiffness calculation results.


It is generally connected with special plastic anchor screws, and the expansion screws are installed on the hard concrete layer without gaps and holes as far as possible. The middle interval of the anchor screw of the polyethylene plate is determined by the thickness of the wear-resistant lining plate and the operation process specification.

2, fixed polyethylene plate generally adopts the following methods:

(1) The polyethylene plate does not hold the special countersunk steel anchor bolt for clamping (tightening) the screw cap.

(2) Destructive screws with sealing rings on polyethylene plates, destructive screws with external threads into carbon steel plates, so that nuts can be omitted. In the above two cases, it takes a lot of labor to open the hole, which also increases the cost of staff and the damage cost of common tools, and the installation cost is higher.

(3) A faster way to use polyethylene plates is to weld the studs with pipe threads into the carbon steel plates of storage silos and mining silos. In order to better ensure the electric welding products and prevent the high temperature damage to the plastic plate in the production of electric welding, the porcelain ring is used to maintain the electric isolation atmosphere welding, the electric isolation is concentrated, the weldment is slowly cooled, and the polyethylene plate forms a regular standard welding. Because the thermal conductivity of the wear-resistant lining plate is 2×10-4/ C, in the case of large changes in the operating process or operating temperature, the fixed and stationary mode of the polyethylene plate must take into account its arbitrary expansion or closure.

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