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Polymer polyethylene plate properties

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   Polymer polyethylene plate properties. High molecular weight polyethylene board not only retains the high impact strength of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board, low friction coefficient, excellent self-lubrication performance and other qualities, but also can meet the different performance needs of customers. Such as flame retardant polymer polyethylene board, the lining board is difficult to ignite, can be automatically extinguished within 3-10 seconds after the fire source, and does not drop, the smoke is small, volatile gas is harmless to the human body, after the national flame retardant materials laboratory test, the product is identified as green environmental protection materials, with high promotion and use value. In addition, there are wear resistant polymer polyethylene plate, high temperature resistant polymer polyethylene plate, high strength polymer polyethylene plate and so on. 

    The application of polymer polyethylene plate as a lining board is the use of its mechanical properties are not high, commonly used as a metal lining material, the strength of the metal and the wear resistance of the U polymer polyethylene plate and the performance required by customers together. Flame retardant polymer polyethylene plate, widely used in China's electric power, coal, steel, cement, coking and other industries, effectively prevent coal spontaneous combustion and other factors caused by fire phenomenon

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