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Analysis of the steps of correct use of polyethylene sheet

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Analysis of the steps of correct use of polyethylene sheet

We must follow certain standard steps when using or operating any product, so as to minimize errors and reduce the occurrence of mistakes, it is also very important for our construction of commonly used polyethylene sheet, we must strictly follow the steps when using, below we will discuss the use of the product steps.

First of all, we will discharge the material after the initial use of the bin material is stored to two-thirds of the capacity of the entire bin. Then in the process of running, it is necessary to always keep the material pile in the warehouse at the loading point of the material into the warehouse, and always keep the material storage in the warehouse at more than half of the capacity of the entire warehouse. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to directly impact the lining board. Also due to the different hardness particles of various materials, the material and flow should not be replaced at will, if it needs to be changed, it should not be greater than 12% of the original design capacity, and changing the material or flow will affect the service life of the liner.

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