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How to do a good job in the use of coal bunker liner

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How to do a good job in the use of coal bunker liner.

Bunker lining board is the coal mine, power plant, wharf storage coal bunker is basically cast with concrete, mining plant bunker lining board, its surface is not bright, large friction coefficient, high water absorption, which is often the main reason for bonding and silo blocking. Especially in the case of soft coal mining, coal bunker lining board, pulverized coal and large moisture, the silo clogging accident is especially serious. After a lot of research and experiments, it is decided to use UHMWPE plate as the coal bunker lining, using the self-lubricating and non-viscous UHMWPE plate as the power plant coal bunker lining plate, in order to reduce the friction coefficient and solve the silo blockage phenomenon.

When using polyethylene liner, note the following:

1. When the liner is installed and used for the first time, the material is stored to two-thirds of the capacity of the entire storage bin before unloading.

2, normal operation, to always keep the material into the warehouse and blanking point on the warehouse material pile, and always keep the material storage accounted for more than half of the entire storage bin capacity.

3, it is strictly prohibited to directly impact the lining board. Especially when the diameter of the material particle exceeds 50mm and the vertical drop is too large.

4, the hardness particles of various materials are different, shall not be randomly replaced materials and flow, if it needs to be changed, shall not be greater than 12% of the original design capacity, arbitrarily changing materials or flow will affect the service life of the liner.

5, the use of ambient temperature, the lining material itself has excellent weather resistance, but the high temperature should not be greater than 85℃.

6, do not use external force to destroy the lining installation structure and loose fasteners.

7, the material in the warehouse static state time should not exceed 36 hours (sticky materials please do not stay in the warehouse, to prevent agglomeration), water content of less than 4% of the material can be appropriate to extend the static time.

8, if the water content of the material is greater than 6%, when the temperature is low, please be sure to pay attention to the rest time of the material in the warehouse, to avoid the rest time is too long and freeze into blocks.

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